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Why Your Best Content Should Live On Someone Else’s Site

Why Your Best Content Should Live On Someone Else's SiteThere’s a lot of conventional wisdom about SEO that’s just wrong.  One of those bits of conventional wisdom is that you should keep your best content for your own site, and farm out your lesser pieces of content to the blogs you’ve got guest blogging arrangements with.  On the surface of it, that makes a kind of intuitive sense.  You ultimately want to get more people to your site, so you tease them with some mediocre content on some other site, then dazzle them with the good stuff once they come pay you a visit.

Unfortunately, you are selling yourself short by doing it that way, and here’s why:  The paradigm is wrong.  Ultimately, you don’t want visitors to your site, you want sales.  If you could get sales by having people visit some other site, would it matter to you?  Of course not, the sale is the thing, not the site visit.

What you want then, is to put your best content where it will be seen by the most eyeballs, and unless you run one of the major destinations on the internet, that’s probably not your site.  Of course, having said that, you don’t want to cut corners where your own site’s content is concerned, it should sparkle too, but if you have something that truly stands out in your mind as being an exceptional piece, set that aside for a guest post on a site that gets more traffic than your own does.  In short, every piece of content you write should be strong, and the best of the best should go where they will be seen by the most people, period.

This then, brings us to the second part of the point above.  If you want to get your best content seen by as many people as possible, then you have to begin cultivating strategic alliances and partnerships.  Understand that your website does not exist in a vacuum.  There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of other bloggers competing in your niche.  You need to identify those sites that are in your same niche, have more traffic than you, and are not direct competitors.  Once you’ve made a short list of the biggest, most influential blogs that aren’t direct competitors, sort them by how easy they make sharing their content  The more social hooks they have, and the easier they make it to share content on their site, the better for you, because again, you’re going to be giving them exclusive access to your very best content, and you want their readers to be able to share your stellar offerings far and wide.  Not because you’re a nice guy or girl (though you probably are), but because you’re in this to make money, and at the end of the day, more eyeballs and more shares equals more money for you.

Cultivating strategic alliances takes time and effort.  It requires a light touch and a diplomatic tone.  Head to the “about” or “contact us” page of the blog you’re looking to partner with and send the WebMaster an email.  Let them know who you are, and why you’d be a good partner for them.  Do not make this communication about you and your business.  Tell them how you can help add value to their site.  They don’t care about you and your site.  They care about their site and making money.  Insert yourself into their equation and offer to help them by adding value to their site, and they’ll be inclined to help you in return.  That’s the way you play the game.

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