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Facebook Timeline for Business Pages and What You Need to Know

You may or may not have heard but come March 30th 2012 every business page will be converted to the new timeline format.  You can publish your page to the new format before then but I would read this before you just jump into it.

The new design is similar in many ways to the personal timeline design (released late last year) but with a few very important features.  Additionally there are some features that the old design has that will be gone. 🙁

As an online marketing company we find that the new changes bring new opportunity for companies to focus on their brand, create engaging content and essentially tell the every evolving story about their business.

Let’s take a look at the changes.

Cover Photo

This is one of the most obvious changes.  No more photo strip at the top.  The cover photo is what your pages visitors will see 1st when they come to your page.  This is a perfect opportunity to tell your pages story but… you will need to be creative here.  Facebook has added some rules like no outright asking people to like your page or terms like “buy now” or “order now” etc. You can see all the rules here.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

The size is a huge 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high so get creative or have it professionally designed for you (subtle hint here.)  If you are at a loss and don’t have that kind of size you can use an image that is 399 pixels wide.  They will stretch it to fit (not recommended)

Profile pick

This has changed as well.  Gone is the 180 x 540 available size.  Now the recommended size is 180 x 180 square.  In posts it will be resized down to 30 x 30 so we recommend using a nice eye catching image like your logo etc.  Refrain from being wordy here as you really won’t see it and it won’t look that good.

About Section

facebook about section

You should use this section for some extra branding, calls to action and your URL.  You have about 90 characters here so use it wisely.


This is probably one of the biggest changes.  The default landing page feature is gone.  Everyone will be sent to your timeline when going to your page.

Don’t worry, all your applications will still be available, they will now be accessed under your cover photo on the right hand side.  You will be able to have 12 applications you can showcase.  Only 4 will display under the cover photo and one of them is the photos.  You are not able to move the photos app but you can control which 3 of your apps will show.

facebook apps

You now have an opportunity to create a larger image to promote your application tab.  The custom tab image is 117 pixels by 74 pixels.  We recommend that you use this for a strong call to action about your app.

Fan gating (showing a non fan a different image before liking the page) will still work but only on the tabs.  This kind of changes some of the strategies we use for our customers and we have come up with some creative solutions.

You can drive potential fans directly to your apps to fan gate them through facebook ads, blog posts, etc.


Facebook as added a pinning feature to your posts.  When you select from the drop down “Pin to top” facebook will keep your post at the top of your timeline for 7 days.  Since most people will go directly to your timeline, this is a feature that will keep the attention on certain posts that are important to your company (or brand).

facebook pinned post

Staring a Post

When you star a post it will spread your post across both columns.  This feature can be used to draw even more attention to what you are talking about.  This works great on larger pictures.

facebook starred post

Company Milestones

We are very excited about this feature.  You can create interesting milestones about your business here.  Let people know about the big events in your company’s history.  This is an opportunity to craft the story of your company’s life.  Have you ever walked into a business and you see all the images about them from over the years?  It is always interesting and captivating.  Take the time to add this content and really engage on a whole new level with your fans.

Admin Panel

There is a new admin panel.  You can access the admin panel in the upper right corner.  Everything is still here as in the old admin panel. You now have some easy to access data presented to you in a dashboard format.

facebook admin panel

When you go to the admin panel you will see notifications, messages, new likes, insights and page tips.

The coolest part about the new admin section is that your fans can now message your page directly.  This is great for customer service and interaction with your fans on a one to one basis.  It does however take management to make sure that your fans are getting responded to in a timely manner.

Now is the time to start planning your company’s change to the new Timeline format.  It is inevitable so our advice is to take this opportunity to turn your Facebook page into something really special.

While most people resist change we at The Internet Titans welcome it.  There are a ton of new opportunities with the change to Facebook Timeline for Business Pages that we are very excited at the value we are adding to our customer’s facebook pages.

If you have any questions about Facebook Timeline for Business Pages or are curious what we provide for our happy clients then shoot us an email at or click here to submit a request.

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