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Gamification is a term that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet, but it will.  It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use in the running of your business.  Why?  Simply put, people like games.  If you had a choice between standing in line all afternoon at the DMV or playing a game, which would you prefer?  Too often, business sites tend to resemble the line at the DMV, and that’s a shame, because with just a little bit of creativity, you can leave your visitors with a whole different experience.

Crew – A Case Study

Crew is a company that builds apps for handheld devices.  Their URL is here:  Now, it is true, they could have simply put a “Request a Quote” form on their page and been done with it.  They probably would have gotten some business using that approach, but you need only click the link and visit their site to see the power of gamification at work.

The first thing to note is the URL.  It contains the question that is on the minds of people who, for whatever reason, want to have an app built.  The big thing they’re concerned about is “How much is this going to cost me?”

The problem with the form based approach is that it’s passive.  They fill out the form, click the “Submit” button, and then are told some flavor of, “We’ll get back to you.”  That’s no fun.  They want information and they want it right now.  Gamification does that.

As you see on the first page of the site, after you click “Get Started,” you’re asked some questions about your app.  Do you want it to be exclusive to Android, exclusive to iOS, or universal?  It’s your app, so you pick.  Power and control in the hands of the visitor right from the start.  Immediately after that, you’re asked about the app’s interface.  Once you answer that question, you’ll see price figures appearing on the top of the screen.  This figure will increase depending on how you answer the questions that follow in the wake of that second one.  The visitor is essentially building his or her own quote in real time, based on his or her own input, needs, preferences, and desires.

You can probably already tell, just from looking at it how much more effective this approach is as compared with the “send form and wait” approach.  From the moment the visitor hits the site, they’re engaged and involved.  They’re an active participant, and they get the information they want in real time, based on their input.  That’s huge.

The lessons learned from studying this site can be applied to any sort of business.  If you don’t build apps, but want to increase your site traffic, you can gamify the process.  Offer your visitors a 1% discount for every referral they send your way, payable when the referral signs up for your service.  Cap it at say, 20% or whatever you’re comfortable with.  Keep a running total for the visitor based on his or her login information, and let them cash out when they’re ready.  If they only want a 5% discount, they can grab it when they hit that threshold.  If they want to hold out for the full twenty and send you more traffic, there’s a mechanism to do that.

Gamification is another tool that creates instant engagement on your site.  Used well and wisely, it can dramatically increase your business.

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