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Google+ Local Reviews and How to Get Them

Google+ Local Reviews and How to Get Them

For those who are wondering, this blog is going to be on what your business goal should be, and that is to get people to write reviews about your business on Google+ Local. The first page of Google search is considered as prime real estate, and any company would want to be sitting on one of those top ten spots, but that is easier said than done, since most businesses find it hard to communicate with their customers. When it comes to getting reviews, there are three relatively easy ways in which you can make that happen, and here there are;

“Review Us on Google”

First of all, you can put a ‘Review us on Google’ button on your business website. There are many options available in different sizes and different formats that one could use, but whichever one you choose, the point is to get people to click on it so that they can post a review on your Google+ Local page. It’s that simple. Having the ‘Review Us on Google’ button makes it so much easier for people to say the kind words which they do (about your business) on the phone, online for everyone to see.

Use Print Material

These include, postcards, stickers, window clings, door hangers, coasters, counter cards and even business cards can all be used to spread the message. For instance, if you run a cleaning business, give your print material to the clients so that they can put it all out there for everyone to see.

You can also offer different downloadable print material on your website. Using QR codes on your print material will let people get straight to your Google+ Local page where they can leave a review on your product or service. Apart from that, having print material with bar codes on them will get people interested on what you are offering as a business, and they will want to scan them with their Smartphones or Tablets to find out more about your company. Google and Facebook have been using this for quite a while now, but it’s time that businesses used them too.

Generating Customer Reviews from Emails

The most effective way of getting a customer review on Google+ Local without even asking for one is by sending an automated email to every person that visits your business website for the first time. To make this easier, maintain a checklist of all the customers who have written reviews on Google+ Local or not, and keep sending them reminders, whenever you can. That being said, nobody likes to receive unwanted mail in their inbox, so while you need to get your reviews, make sure that you don’t come across as being too pushy.

You can also use QR codes that direct people to your Google+ Local page on the invoices and receipts you send out to your customers. And while it’s not wrong to send someone a gift to show your appreciation, add a gift card for all those who actually take the time and write you a Google+ Local review.

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