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How to Grow Your Email List to Dominate the Local Veterinary Market

The money is in the list.  If you have even a passing familiarity with internet marketing, you have no doubt heard this phrase.  If you’re new to internet marketing, then you should know that that single phrase outlines the most powerful component of internet marketing.  It is such a commonly heard phrase that it’s almost a cliché.  It’s almost a cliché though, because it also happens to be true.  The bottom line is, if you’re not building and expanding your email list, you’re leaving money on the table.  Does leaving money on the table sound like a solid business strategy to you?  Of course not!  This article will show you how to build that list, and how to use it to dominate your local market.

How to Grow Your Email List to Dominate the Local Veterinary Market

The first, necessary step of course, is to actually have a mechanism for getting the email addresses in the first place.  That should be one of the purposes of your website.  If you don’t currently have some kind of email capture box on your site, then that needs to be the very first change/improvement you make.

Of course, simply having a box that enables visitors to your website to enter their email address into won’t get you very far.  If your site isn’t well-designed, easy to navigate, and filled with interesting, engaging content, no one will bother, so that’s step two.  The people who come to your site aren’t going to just hand over their email addresses to you.  They need to know that they can trust you.  That you’re an expert in your field.  The way you build that trust and demonstrate your expertise is by posting top quality, engaging content that your readers care about.

The third thing you need to do is offer an equitable trade for their email address.  Sure, you can just have the capture box, and if you’ve got engaging content, you’ll probably get a few takers.  You’ll probably have a small percentage of people who will give you their email address on that basis alone, but if you want to improve your chances, then you need to offer them a trade.  Let’s face it, people love their pets.  They’d do most anything for them, so what if you made a short eBook (say, ten to fifteen thousand words) that offered a plethora of pet care advice to your readers.  Make it available for free to anyone who signs up for your mailing list.  To underscore its value, you could even offer it for sale on your site for $4.95, but clearly indicate that they can sign up to your list and get it for free.  That will improve the number of signups you get in virtually every case, again, provided that the content of the eBook is as solid as the content on the rest of your site.

Once you have a robust and growing mailing list, you need to communicate with your list members on a regular basis and try to sell to them infrequently.  Yes, you read that correctly.  If you make every email you send to them a sale pitch, how long do you think it will be before they start unsubscribing?  Treat most of your emails as a chance to have a conversation with your customers.  Once in a while, try to sell to them, but tread very lightly there.  The money’s in the list, but only if you do it right.  We can help with that.  Contact us today and let’s make it happen for your company!

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