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Increasing Your Video Element Ranking

Increasing the page and web site rankings that include video presentations can be challenging in the overall context of SEO. Care needs to be taken in the use of videos, as crawlers can have difficulty in recognizing or evaluating video content on a web page. However, there are a number of things you can do to minimize the chances your video will be recognized as part of the content while simultaneously moving the site up in rank.

Increasing Your Video Element RankingGeneral Concepts
Choosing to use video as a content element on a web page requires considerable thought and planning. One of the first problems to deal with is video length. Though a search engine result may direct the visitor to a web page, getting them to sit still for a video clip may be a greater challenge than the SEO process itself. Given that videos longer than 3 minutes will cause the viewer to become disinterested, an effective SEO approach requires more than just an organic search result.

Strictly A Video Search
The first question to be addressed is how SEO optimized ranking fares when someone is searching strictly for video content. The title of the video is of equal or greater importance than a standard web page because the video title is going to be the deciding factor on whether the visitor deems the content is useful and relevant enough to watch. Add to this level of importance the fact that in order for the video to be searchable, it must contain the right keywords to make Page One. These two points are especially important when optimizing for strictly a user conducting a video search.

A More Generalized Search
Using the right keywords is a critical component of the SEO process, but with videos the keywords must go beyond the title. Videos that are assigned a URL often use a series of numbers to identify the video location. This is not helpful for the searcher or the spider crawling through your web site. Replacing the numbers with the title, if possible, and including the keywords in the description of the video will go far to increase your video search ranking.

When discussing video optimization, another concept comes to mind that is important for all those involved in SEO to consider. There are important perceptions that are directly related to SEO but are less obvious. For example, with the issue of video SEO the number of people who have viewed the video will raise its ranking, but this is a more generalized concept of the video in general. The same applies to the number of subscribers a video has on a site, such as YouTube. Whether or not the video can be shared with others also is an important ranking factor.

The point ius that SEO needs to go beyond its technical formulas and rules, and consider what are the factors that make a video popular. There are measurements that can are relevant to the algorithm, but there may be subjective perceptions that will lead to the inclusion of a new keyword. Multimedia forms such as video and voice searching are sure to add to the complexity and challenges of the SEO process.

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