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Integrate Your Local Marketing Efforts for Best Results

Integration.  If you’re not doing it, especially as it relates to your local marketing efforts, then you’re simply not getting as much out of your marketing strategy as you could be.  Integration isn’t hard to manage, but it is critical to your long term success.

Integrate Your Local Marketing Efforts For Best Results

It’s All about Synergy

Synergy is the mathematical proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Just as it can be proved mathematically, so too can it be proved in terms of enhancing the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy.  The question then, is how to go about integrating the various components of your local marketing strategy.  Let’s take a look at some examples below.

Take Content Marketing, for example.  It’s common knowledge that content marketing is a valuable, even critical plank in your overall local marketing strategy.  Even if done in total isolation from the rest of your marketing effort, you’ll see strong gains from doing it well, but you’ll note even better returns on the time and money you invest in this plank of your marketing strategy, if, in addition to “just” doing content marketing, you marry those efforts to your social media campaign strategy.

How do you do that?  Primarily, there are two ways.  First, when you write a great piece of content, you make it sharable.  You accomplish that by including “like” and “share” buttons on every piece of content you produce.  This then, becomes the mechanism by which your readers, customers, and future customers can import your content into their social networks, extending your reach and exposing your company to a wider audience than you would have reached otherwise.

Second, you do that by being active on social media yourself.  This takes the form of both mentioning when you’ve got a new piece of content, and engaging with readers who may comment on that content, or anything else you’ve posted on social media channels.  This creates a kind of cross-pollination between the various legs of your marketing strategy that can only serve to make them stronger.

The same basic thinking comes into play with your other marketing planks.  If you use local directory listings (and you should), then you should be selecting a cross section of reviews from those directory sites, and posting them back to your company’s blog, and to your social media pages.  Not only does this give you more content for your website and social media pages, but again, it “cross-pollinates,” increasing your exposure on all fronts.  Besides, it makes a fair amount of sense, doesn’t it?  You want your Facebook fans to know that you just got a rave review on Yelp, or wherever you are listed.  You want everyone to see those kinds of things.

Especially where reviews are concerned though, it’s important not to cherry pick.  Yes, everyone loves getting a glowing review, absolutely.  The reality though, is that bad reviews sometimes happen, and you can turn even a negative review into a positive if you handle it correctly.  Don’t shy away from negative reviews, and don’t be bashful about posting them.  When you get one and you inevitably will, at some point, address it calmly and professionally.  Resolve the customer’s problem and let the world know that you’re doing it.  This shows your customers, present and future that you take their concerns seriously, and want to do all that you can to keep their business.

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