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Is Your Veterinary Office Chasing the “Right” Keywords?

As the owner of a veterinary practice (of any size) you no doubt know all the ins and outs of what makes your business a success.  What you may be struggling with, however, is the web-side of the equation.  It’s possible that your business doesn’t even have a website.  Almost fifty percent of small businesses don’t, even today, and of those that do, most of them were built by friends, relatives, or well- meaning family members, who have the best of intentions but may not be up on all the latest SEO practices.

Oftentimes, small business websites are designed ad hoc on the thinking that some web presence is better than none at all, and that over time, you’ll be able to slowly coax your site into the shape you ultimately want it to be in.  The second part of that statement is true, but the first part is decidedly non-optimal.

 Is Your Veterinary Office Chasing the "Right" Keywords?

It’s definitely true that your website is, and should be seen as a constant work in progress.  It’s never “done,” in the sense that you should always be looking for ways to improve both its functionality and its value to your readers and customers and future customers.  The “Ad hoc” bit though, is what can cause you no end of trouble.

Understand, of course, that such a website usually won’t hurt you (though in some cases it can), what it will almost certainly do is cause you to be less effective than you otherwise would be in the digital realm, and make no mistake – the digital realm is an increasingly vital part of your business and essential to your future growth.

Quick question and bonus points to you if you know the answer.  What specific keywords or key phrases is your website currently built around?

If you don’t know the answer to that, don’t feel too bad – many small business men and women are in the same boat.  The difference though, is that you should.  Not only that, but you should know if the keywords your website is built around (assuming it’s built around any at all) are the “right” ones for your local market.

How do you know this?

You know this by dint of careful keyword research that focuses on your local area.  It starts with some hard, directed questions like these:

What are the most common pets in the area where your practice is located?  Cats?  Dogs?  Horses?  Pot-bellied pigs?  What are the top five most popular breeds?  What are the ten most commonly asked questions or concerns that pet owners in your local area have?

If you don’t know the answers to those questions, you should, and your website should be geared toward the answers to them, whatever those answers might be.  This is the reason that careful keyword research is so important, and is one of the keys to making your website work for you and not just with you.

If you’re mystified as to how to conduct that research, then don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re always happy to help!

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