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Just How Important Are Local Listings, Anyway?

It almost seems counter-intuitive. The web is a big, global marketplace, so why should you be concerned with local listings at all? The answers might surprise you. Take a look at some of these statistics:

More than 60% of local searches lead to purchases. If you’re in the game, that puts money directly into your pocket and fattens your bottom line.

Just How Important Are Local Listings59% of Google searches are for local businesses, and half of all searches done on mobile devices are conducted to find local restaurants. People who conduct a search for local businesses on a mobile device are very likely (61%) to make a purchase within 24 hours. Best of all, local searches convert to sales 18% of the time, versus only 7% for non-local searches. In terms of getting the most bang for your marketing buck, local listings are where it’s at.

Read the entire report here:

If you’re still not convinced, consider the power of leveling the playing field. Big companies have deep pockets. They can afford to play the global game. Odds are good that you can’t, but here’s the reality. All business is local at the end of the day, and by focusing your efforts where your customers actually are, you can beat much larger competitors at their own game, in your local market.

Best of all though, is the massive SEO power can provide to your business. This can be used in two immediate and practical ways. First, leveraging the SEO power of the most popular directories can help you dominate search results in your local market. That, as explained in the above, will bring in more business for you, week after week, and month after month. If you wanted to look to boosting your organic search results globally, though, then local directory listings make a fantastic place to start! Consider that once you have come to dominate those local listings, all that SEO power can be channeled into helping you begin to dominate the global search results as well. Granted, it’s a long term project. It won’t happen overnight, but with patience and persistence, you can absolutely get there, and there’s nothing like beating the big players at their own game!

So, how important are local listings? Extremely, assuming that you’re interested in growing your business, fattening your bottom line, and beating out your competition, and you are interested in all those things, right?

If you haven’t yet made local directory listings a part of your overall marketing strategy, then you should consider doing so immediately. If you’re not sure how to get started, there are a number of SEO companies out there who do it professionally, and at a reasonable price. All the expertise you need is literally at y our fingertips. Don’t let your competition get the drop on you. Put the power of local directory listings to work for you, starting today. Six months from now, your local competition will be wondering how you’re beating them, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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