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Being Local Does Not Mean You Can Ignore SEO

Local businesses for good reason find themselves on the outside when it comes to the big technology movements. We are talking about actually being able to implement the technology, not being informed or aware of it. Budgetary constraints and having the in-house expertise to implement SEO and other marketing strategies are not always possible. Unfortunately, staying competitive is not a luxury.

Being Local Does Not Mean You Can Ignore SEO

The Not So Obvious

Businesses must stay focused on their industry and their products if they are going to stay in business. The problem is technology has become such an integral part of business it is often impossible the extricate one from the other. SEO is one of those technologies, even though many people see it more as a tool. Being able to have a high Google ranking is just as essential for local and national businesses for generating sales. Oddly, what local businesses need to do to improve or maintain their Google ranking is relatively simple and is low cost.

Looking Good

Improving the quality of the images on your web site is one of the first things that can help you avoid dropping in rank. Improve the ones you currently have, and if that is not possible then add new images of considerably higher quality. But not just any random images but those that will be useful and relevant to your customers. This is what Google’s new search algorithm is looking for – quality over quantity that is focused on the user.

Do not limit yourself to images. If you have or can create a video that will push the quality of your web site content higher, put it on YouTube if possible. Yes, Google owns You Tube so it is likely that they will notice your videos. Whether you choose images or video content, the key is to make the user experience better when visiting your local business on line.

The best thing about this approach is that it will likely not cost you much money to make the improvements.


Getting It Right

Images and videos are not much different to Google’s spider crawling than through your page text. The problem is that it is easier for the crawler to notice inconsistencies in the language or spelling than for the actual content of a video or image. The latest updates to the algorithm are being pickier about simple things, such as whether the name, address, and phone number are correct in the directory listing. Simple enough, yes, but it is always possible to take the obvious for granted.

What is meant by inconsistency is how your business is listed in the many places where you company information is stored. There are many ways to abbreviate “street” so are your addresses recognized as the same wherever they may be found on the Internet? The fair question that can be asked is who has the time for these details. The fair answer is the time invested may prevent your rank from dropping below the competition’s.

If you do not have a SEO process or your Google ranking is not a major factor in driving your sales, these are issues that minimally impact your day-to-day operations. But you are in the minority, since most companies local and otherwise are finding the Internet an essential part of their business and marketing strategies. Looking at SEO as a form of technology will help you prioritize it as part of your business life. This should serve as a motivator to help you get the larger context of SEO right the first time, because the details are almost guaranteed to change.

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