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Local SEO Best Practices for 2014

Ways to Get Some Hot, Local Action!

Local SEO Best Practices for 2014

Few would disagree that great SEO is all about creating a balance between feeding the search engine and looking after your readers. Because after all, it’s the reader who is more likely to make a purchase after they have visited your business page. That being said, getting the clicks your business site deserves is only possible if your website is high authority or, in other words, has a good rank on the SERPs. And good content is the starting point for getting your website that high authority. The following are some of the best tips for local SEO.

Target Audience

There is no point in doing Local SEO without knowing who your target demographic will be. Questions like, “What are the words which your potential customers are likely going to use when searching for your product or services?” and whether they are big spenders or cheapskates, are all good places to start when developing a local SEO strategy.

Domain Name

First of all, you need to come up with a domain name which reflects the type of business you are in, as well as its location. A great example of the perfect domain name would be “,” which includes all of the information (or at least most of it).

Keywords Optimization

SEO is all about keyword optimization. Adding keywords on your page titles will help identify your business, its location and the services it provides. To make it even more effective, incorporate your business name, address and phone number in every page of your website.

Where Are You?

Along with finding out the best keywords that will help exemplify your business, ensure that your location is included as many times as possible in your website’s copy, without affecting its flow of course. Great examples of describing your local area would be by talking about the local sports team, or a nearby ball park and so on. Not only will this kind of information help improve your website’s copy, it would also help the visibility of your business in the Google+ Local listings.

Google Map Listings

Since Google itself has about 99% domain authority, having your business on a Google Map listing can dramatically improve your standing on a SERP set, no matter what your page rank or domain authority was in the past.

Update Your Link Strategy

Google, Bing and Yahoo constantly comb other websites in order to develop a better understanding of what and how much your business means to third parties, therefore, providing consistent information across many third-party sources helps you gain more visibility. Using links to other relevant third-party sources will also improve the credibility and authenticity of your business.

Page Rank

After making these changes, if your website has the page rank of around of 7 out of 10 on Google, then you’ve made it, but if it hasn’t, then you should keep working on these tips to fine tune your website for the local market. Along with using these tips, you will also fine loads of well written content online as well, which will help you in your purpose. Remember, optimization is not a one-time-only thing, and in order for your business to get the attention it deserves, you will need to stay on your toes to keep your website on the first page of the SERPs.


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