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Never Run Out of Great Ideas for Content Marketing Again

One of the biggest problems we face when marketing our businesses is coming up with a constant stream of good ideas.  The idea behind content marketing is all well and good, but coming up with the actual content can be a real challenge.  There are two basic approaches here.  You can find content that other people have already generated, and simply share it with your viewers, or you can generate all new, original content.  Probably, you’ll want to do a bit of both.

 Never Run Out of Great Ideas for Content Marketing AgainIn terms of finding top quality content made by others to share, what we’re really talking about is content curation.  See, the internet is really all about sharing, at the root.  You can share content (yours or someone else’s) and leverage that sharing to make a profit.  How?

Well, for example, let’s say you’re a plumber.  You know that if a plumbing problem gets out of hand, you’re going to get a phone call.  You also know that a lot of your customers are, at least to a degree, do it yourselfers, who are interested in at least trying to fix minor problems on their own.  You could spend thousands of dollars on recording equipment then spend hundreds of hours making a series of video tutorials on home repairs, but why?  Not only is that taking time away from your core business, but it’s actually costing you money in the short run.

On the other hand, you can easily spend some time on YouTube and find plenty of videos that have already been made on that topic.  You can hand-select the ones you feel would be most relevant and helpful to your customers and put them all in one place on your site.  Much faster and easier than making your own.  Leverage what someone else has already done!  You win, because you get great, valuable content to share with your customers.  The person who made the videos wins because they get more views.  It works for everyone.

If you’re interested in content curation, then the one app you absolutely need is Evernote.  Consider Evernote to be a combination of notebook and filing system.  Anything you see that looks interesting, file it away in Evernote.  You can organize it however you want to, make notes about why you thought a particular item was interesting, and refer back to it later, as you need to.  A great app for saving all kinds of ideas.

On the other hand, if you want to create your own custom content, but are struggling to come up with original ideas, then you’ll want to give this site a look:

It’s easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and spews out more ideas than you’ll be able to realistically handle.  The bottom line is, you never have to worry about content again.  Armed with a few simple tools to keep yourself organized and help guide you in the direction of new ideas, all that remains is either the act of curation itself, or the development of original content around the ideas you come up with.  You can either do that bit yourself, or outsource it, as you prefer.

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