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Reputation Marketing ? Making a Reputation Online

Reputation Marketing Making a Reputation Online

One of the most commonly asked questions young entrepreneurs have is, what is the best way to build a reputation at the starting of a business when one doesn’t have loyal customers yet. This is a great question, especially with businesses which do not have reviews that help generate street cred. So, how do you attract the customers you don’t already have? Well, there are five ways in which a new business can generate the reputation they need from the get go.

Online Presence

You will want to make sure you have a clean and professional website. You do not need to hire the best designer in the world to design your business website; all you need to do is make sure that your website is functional, user friendly and interactive. Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy from a website that looks like it has been designed by a four-year old. You can top that off with great copy, a professional email address and other contact details.


This is where the “About Us” page comes in. If you have the experience, make sure you mention it in the “About Us” page. On the other hand, if you do not have the experience yet, promote the ways in which your service brings something new to the market.

Get Client Reviews

Client reviews are extremely important for building an online reputation. You can do this by offering free services or discounts to the first few customers in exchange for their honest reviews, which you can then use on your website. The idea here is to get your customers to not only post their reviews on your website but also on other various review websites as well, which will be seen by both new and existing clientele.

Getting client reviews is by far, the most effective way to spread word-of-mouth marketing online, and having your customers express how happy they are with your product or service will help you build a strong reputation.

Beware the Ranter!

You have been warned! The ranter is someone who goes on and on about how much your product or service sucks. The worst part is, they do it online, for the whole world to see. Even if you think that your service is flawless (and I doubt it is!), you should always respect the client’s view. So, take out that olive branch and call those clients to find out their side of the story and if possible, resolve their problems and turn them into a fan too.

Be Press Worthy

Offer to write a blog for someone or a local magazine, and once you start getting some fancy press coverage, slap on a logo of your business on the side and show it off on your business website.

Ending Note

Most businesses today focus more on reputation management, rather than reputation marketing. For example, reputation management means to monitor and track one’s business reputation online, what this means is that business owners monitor their customer reviews that get posted on their account, and if they get a bad review, they go into defense mode to deal with the bad review.

Reputation marketing is a lot different than reputation management in a sense that it focuses more on the building of one’s reputation online before they have gained a customer base. Using the tips given above will hopefully help you build a credible online reputation, which will enable you to build a good customer base and portray your business as a figure of authority in your market niche.

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