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Doing SEO Differently the Same Way

There is a double-edged sword that goes with implementing SEO either with a new website or as part of an ongoing strategy with an existing website. As a business owner trying to stay relevant in the global marketplace, you have to pay attention to what your competitors are doing in the world of SEO. On the other hand, you cannot spend so much time analyzing the competition that you ignore your own business. The two edges are copying what competitors are doing and trying to decide when to integrate SEO in your own company’s marketing strategy. It is a mistake to believe that SEO is a single, solitary solution to your marketing problems.

doing seo differentlyIf we first look at the competition edge, we can see both success stories and situations where SEO simply has failed to make an impact on the company’s bottom line. Regardless of where you choose to look, thinking about using a competitor’s website design or SEO strategy is a formula for creating more problems than solutions. The reason is that your company is your company, not theirs. Selling similar products or being in the same industry are simply classifications, not approaches to doing business. You may have the same general target audience in common, but your specific segment and approach are likely to be entirely different. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution for any company.

The other edge is deciding when to integrate SEO into your marketing strategy. Looking once again at the competition, it may seem necessary to immediately implement SEO into the mix with the hope of getting immediate results and a high conversion rate. However, while SEO is usually best implemented sooner than later, it should be a well thought out addition to a successful marketing strategy. To view SEO as a company savior from falling or lackluster sales is unrealistic. Before bringing in an SEO consultant it is best to first review your existing marketing strategy and see where improvements can be made. Then when the SEO advisor comes on site you will have a definite direction which the advisor can help you move forward on.

So what is meant by doing it “differently the same way” is you can use the best and most successful SEO strategies and web designs, selecting which elements are the best fit for your own site. There is a reason for the success, and duplicating success is something that has been done for decades. Another approach to implementing SEO and web design is to look at the successful web designs of sites that are unrelated to your industry. Again, success is success. You may uncover ideas and practices that are currently unused in your industry. This will give you an advantage over the competition – doing it the same way, differently.

For new businesses or those who are just beginning to design and set up websites, the implementation of SEO is sometimes delayed until after the website is up and running. This is unfortunate, though understandably justified in its logic. A new business does not need to wait for traffic to come to its site to begin performing SEO and working out predictions on conversion optimization. Because it is early on in the business cycle, goals, expectations, and predictions are all subject to change as the business gets its legs under it. Being wrong is not failure, but failing to know when changes need to be made can lead to failure. Even established and successful companies are advised to continually make changes to their SEO and marketing strategies because the business and technology associated with SEO continues to evolve.

Doing SEO differently the same way requires a flexible view of the business. There are practices that simply work in most situations, and those you should implement in your own SEO strategy. In other areas, there are things many of your competitors are doing that are not working. Here is where you are able to capitalize on what they may not be seeing and make the changes to do it the right way. The double-edged sword can cut both ways, but if you know how to use that sword to your advantage, you can achieve the goals and results that fit your company and marketing strategy.

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