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SEO – Reviewing the Basics

If you are looking for the bleeding edge content of SEO in this article, you can skip ahead now. Really. This is an article about SEO basics. If you want to make sure you do not miss anything SEO related, it might be worth a quick browse to se if any of this information is useful even though you are an established business. It might point you to an area or two that you are overlooking.

 SEO – Reviewing the Basics If you are wondering why such an article is written, look no further than the startup business that just opened. The owner can scour the Internet and find articles about SEO basics, but they are likely to be dated. That leaves these new business owners trying to start in the middle and find their way around. Any new business needs to recognize not only the importance of having a web site, but how important SEO is to the long term success of their endeavor.

We All Need It

The business reality today is that not having a web site for your business is equivalent to not having a business at all. This may seem like you are being forced to invest the time and a little money to have a web presence. The truth is despite the apparently forced nature, there is a tremendous upside for your business by having a business web site.

Do not just haphazardly throw a web site together, because that is about the same as having no web site at all. The SEO processes that you hear so much about are important for you to get recognized on the Web. When someone does land on your web site after doing a search, be sure they see something that interests them and will motivate them to buy your product or service. The new Google SEO algorithm is out looking for quality content.

About the Content

Anything that is on your web site – images, videos, text – is content. Be sure to make the content of the site of a high quality. SEO is about optimizing your search ranking based on the content of each individual web page. If you have heard that the emphasis of SEP is keywords or key phrases, that is only partly correct. Though they are important and factor into the SEO process, the times have changed. The Internet as a whole is changing into a more visual user environment, making your choice of content even more important.

About Keywords

Since the importance of keywords has been mentioned, a few key points need to be made. Once upon a time, keywords were the only important thing for ranking. It is hard to say that there was even an SEO process – it was all about manipulating keywords. Those days are gone and the focus has shifted to content. But every web page should have a headline or title stating what the page is about. It is there that the keywords will have a greater importance than say, 3/4 of the way down the page. Finding the right keywords for you particular business will take some work, and they will change from time to time. But the importance of keywords shows up when the Google algorithm starts examining your page. This is known as “crawling” and it happens to everyone.

The actual SEO process is about formulas and key mapping and 100 other factors. You now have a bird’s eye view of what is involved in having your own web site and how SEO interacts with it. The important thing to remember is that your head in pointed in a direction to start following the learning trail of SEO. If there is one thing consistent about Google search algorithms is that they will continue to change until businesses get it right.

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