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Short Codes, Keywords and Lists

Short Codes, Keywords and Lists

Short Codes ensure that consumers remain in control of their experiences by identifying content providers and providing them a trusted method to ‘Opt-In’ and ‘Opt-Out’ of SMS marketing and SMS giving programs from their phone.

  • Easy to remember premium 5-digit shortcode
  • Works in both USA & Canada (separate campaigns required)
  • Reserve your own custom keywords in real-time
  • Unlimited code keywords for specific mass campaigns

Text “TITAN” to “71441? to test it out!

You need the numbers of your customers to create an opt-in list . There’s the traditional text-in method for users to opt-in, or for those of you with a taste for the unorthodox or a prepared list of contacts, this is the alternative. Upload what list of contacts you have into our system!

Select Opt-in List

You can decide whether the contacts you are uploading have already agreed to receive updates or are waiting to confirm this service. Select which opt-in list you want to upload your contacts to, the numbers upon their approval will be entered into this list.

Choose your Upload method

Supply the numbers manually, or use our .CSV (Excel) template to upload them. The template aggregates numbers as well as other information you have associated with each contact– first and last name, e-mail, gender, date of birth, and zip code. This info comes in handy when personalizing messages and connecting with your customers!

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