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Text Message Platform

Industrial Strength SMS Marketing

Our SMS platform doesn’t just simply sending out a few text messages and calling it a day. Leverage our suite of easy to use professional SMS marketing modules to help you launch your own SMS marketing campaigns for your clients.

  • Schedule and send individual message or advanced autoresponders
  • Run contests and watch patrons eagerly join opt-in lists for a chance at the prize
  • Create mobile coupons with scannable barcodes that are automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter
  • Poll customers to gain valuable feedback and market knowledge
  • Remind throngs of clients of their appointments with text messages
  • Create eye-catching QR codes with exciting responses

Whether you’re designing marketing campaigns and sending out messages for your clients or giving them the accounts to manage themselves, brick&mobile provides simply the best SMS marketing solution for your business.

Easy Web Interface

Allows you to control every aspect of your campaigns. No dependence on a service provider to add Keywords, schedule campaigns, send texts, set up lists, etc.

Unlimited Groups/Lists

Allows you to segment your marketing and target valuable sub-groups. Segment your customers so your outgoing offers are micro-targeted to minimize opt-out rates and maximize response!

Training & Support

We offer webinars, online videos as well as a complete mobile marketing course that will help you learn how to use our system, and we will provide you all the information you need to know in order to run successful SMS Marketing campaigns.

Text Message Marketing

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