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The Recipe for Baking Your Own Google Plus Local Campaign

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If you are an owner of a brick and mortar store, then taking your business to the next level is going to be all about getting your business on a Google Local Page listing.The Recipe for Baking Your Own Google Local Campaign

These days, the only thing which a Google ‘local optimization’ strategy and a cheesecake have in common is that everybody has their own favorite recipe. And similar to the flour, egg and sugar which is needed in baking a cake, local optimization is also based on a person’s own preferences, intentions and goals.

While it’s very easy to get lost in the rankings game, the fact of the matter is that it should always be about improving the quality of a product rather than trying to trick an automated system.

That being said, websites with great content are a dime a dozen these days, but what really matters is a brands personality, which cannot be faked. The following lines are going to be on how businesses can use Google+ Local to their advantage and build an online and offline personality which will separate them from the rest of the crowd.

So, what is Google+ Local?

Google+ Local is basically a ratings and reviews site which allows users to rate their favorite local shopping malls, hotels, movie theatres, and zoos, along with their favorite airlines, music, and even local brands.

Why is it Good for Your Business?

If you have a brick and mortar store, it is always a good idea to have a platform in which you can interact with your fans and followers. Having a Google+ business page along with a Google + profile page gives you that platform. Similar to having a Facebook page, Google+ Local allows businesses to connect  directly with their customers and since these pages a rated better by Google, the odds of one’s business website ending up on the first page of Google increases significantly.


Best Practices in Google Local Optimization

If you’ve been having problems getting on the map, the following points are some of the best ways in which businesses can optimize their Google+ Local approach to reap the best results in 2014;

  • Setup a G+ page and optimize the page title and description with the main targeted keyword.
  • Remember to use the exact NAP (Name, address, phone number).
  • Create other similar landing pages via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, and use the same NAP to verify your business website.
  • If you’re business is home-based, which means you will be conducting business via emails, phone calls or by post, then you will need to set up a  “Service Area business” in Places. This will not allow your address to show up in Google Search, unless you are being searched by someone locally or within a particular radius.
  • Creating accounts on geo-location-based social networks, such as Foursquare can also help in a Google+ Local campaign.
  • It is important to remember that creating profiles on all PR10 to PR5 social domains, such as, Facebook, Twitter and even Bundlr will enable you to create an online following which will help you achieve your business goals.
  • Since Google+ Local is all about getting around locally, engage only with clients and other businesses which are situated locally. As mentioned earlier, you can do this by advertising your social profiles to them. After you have established an online presence you can communicate with them via likes, comments, shares, tweets, pins and so on.

Ending Note

In the end, for businesses that operate from a physical location, having a Google Local Page Listing will allow online searchers to gain more information and insights regarding your brand, and will help you get found locally.

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