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Top 5 tips to Protect your Business’s Rep During the Holiday Season

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Tell that to the customer who keeps receiving spam from your business’s email address. Delivering services during the Holiday season can turn into a PR nightmare for an online business that isn’t used to navigating through such hurdles. The holidays are open season for hackers to launch scams of every type. They can end up stealing your information, your financial data and even destroying the reputation that you have worked so hard to uphold. The last thing you need to find out after the Christmas decorations have gone down is to find your customer base empty and a slew of negative feedback on your social media profile pages. Here is what you can do to avoid just that –

1.     Know Phishing Scams when you see themProtect Your Reputation

The holiday season is one of cheer and good will. The local charities know it too. However cybercriminals also see it as a chance to swindle generous givers by sending out emails that are disguised as messages from real charitable organizations. These are known as phishing scams and its best that you keep an eye out for them

2.     Protection

Sometimes prevention is better than a cure. Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on your business pages so that their comments end up on the first few pages of Google. Focus on getting as much positive content as you can. In addition optimizing your pages for Google and other popular search engines will leave no doubt about the authenticity of your business.

3.     Monitor

Monitor and uncover online breaches of security as soon as they happen.  Issues that compromise the integrity of your local business can quickly go out of hand if they are ignored for too long. 50% of local businesses lose sales after the holiday season is over only because they did not monitor their websites on a regular basis. Make sure to scan your websites weekly. You can also do a Google search that brings any mention of your business, website or services to the front page just like in a news item.

4.     Defense

Defend your brand after it comes under attack. A fictitious negative comment about your online business should be dealt with immediately before more visitors have the chance to read it.  Negative comments from unhappy customers are protected speech and they should be. However if posts are false, create misconceptions about your business or contain sensitive business info they can be identified, located and stopped.

5.     Get Social

The more active and authentic your social accounts are the more likely will Google rank them high for brand related searches. This is sure to protect your local business’s reputation during the holiday season.

Remember your business’s online reputation depends on how dedicatedly you monitor it and how fast you respond to any breaches in security or false accusations. Customers will visit your websites more during the holidays and taking a vacation from your responsibilities isn’t a very good way to thank them for their loyalty or patronage. Worse, it leaves your business vulnerable to cyber criminals.

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