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Two Essential SEO Bridges Created by Three SEO Elements

When looking at SEO as a primary method of driving organic traffic to your site, there are three elements of the process that are key: keywords, keyword mapping, and content optimization. The content is the end of the road in this part of the process, while those still too often maligned keywords are the beginning of the road. In between is keyword mapping, an important but also tedious part of the optimization process. The goal is not treating these three elements as separate but creatingbridges between them to recognize their importance.

Two Essential SEO Bridges Created by Three SEO Elements

So much has been written about keywords and their level of importance/unimportance that what needs to be said has been said 100 times. For the purposes of this article, what needs to be considered is their long term value to the SEO process. Clearly they are a starting point, but just as clearly their importance has been diminished with the revision of the Google algorithm over the years. The question that needs to be answered is if Google departs from keywords as a starting point, then what their replacement would be. Key phrases are just extensions and compounds of keywords.

The bridge between keywords and keyword mapping is a choice between web analytics and web crawling. The former is provides less detail and will not include pages that have not been visited. Crawling provides a wealth of information on each web page, and includes every page on the web site regardless of the number of visitors. The most important thing is that you recognize the value of this bridge because either method is extremely valuable in optimizing the entire site.

A critical point to keyword mapping is that it will optimize the keywords on each individual web page. Not all web pages are created equal, nor does using a keyword on a web page optimize that page. The keyword must draw visitors to the content, the end of the process. That is achieved by matching the keyword to a specific URL that contains the content.

To create this bridge is simple, but it is not accomplished by any type of automation or robotic process. It is a people function done by determining the purpose of each and every web page on the web site. It seems silly to ask what a web page that has no purpose is doing taking up space on the site, but is even sillier to try and explain to a visitor why that page exists should they land on it. That puts the second bridge squarely in the hands of the business owner, SEO processes notwithstanding.

Arriving at the end of the road with content optimization, if the previous bridges crossed lead to nowhere then the time spent on keyword optimization and mapping is basically of little use. The changes made to the Google search algorithm are more focused on quality and meaningful content than ever before. This requires the SEO process to be more intelligent and intuitive regarding the choice and location of keywords. Advertising catch phrases and language that is unfamiliar to people who have little or no knowledge of the product are neither intelligent nor intuitive to the average searcher.

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