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Using the Press Release as a SEO-Marketing Strategy Wrinkle

Press releases have been the mainstay of many companies for decades. There are multiple advantages to using a press release, including the announcement of new products and disseminating information about management changes to company shareholders. In the constant evolution of the Internet and recent focus on search engine optimization (SEO) the press release is being viewed as having limited value. The issue is not whether the press release should be a component of a marketing strategy, but should it be.

If one point cusing the press releasean be made about how the press release should be used in collaboration with SEO strategies, it is that SEO is not yet a fully blown marketing strategy. Whether it can be remains to be seen. For the present time, SEO supports the press release – not vice-versa. On the other hand, excluding SEO as an integral part of a marketing strategy is unwise at the very least.

Small businesses often will overuse the press release, diluting its value to the company. Strategic use of the press release is important to companies who are gaining momentum. While every company event does not warrant the use of a press release, most company events need to be included in SEO for use by shareholders and investors. The time and resources spent preparing and issuing minimally important press releases is better off spent making sure the company’s major events are easily found.

In favor of SEO, the issue of content marketing cannot be ignored. By its basic format a press release is designed to only cover the basics, limiting the body of the format to a couple of paragraphs with no more than two or three sentences. The reason for this precedes the Internet – people want the basic facts in a simple and readable format. The Internet and search engines made finding what an investor or shareholder needs to know easier and faster. As search engines evolved, the issue became the content more than simply the basic facts that would result in a higher search ranking. The idea behind the evolution is that instead of a search engine returning results based on the number of keywords that appear on a web page, focus shifted to what is useful and meaningful to the reader.

The question to be answered is how SEO facilitates this broader context of greater meaning using keywords and key phrases. In contrast to the press release by itself, SEO simply has more ways to adapt to the language criteria that will return the greatest number of results for a company event. For example, if a company introduces a new product, the press release will make the initial announcement. What can change are the keywords or key phrases used in the original document that can cause the press release to go unnoticed unless SEO is employed on a regular basis.

Distinguishing the purpose of each form of marketing will help make their uses clearer. A press release announces a company event. SEO is used to drive traffic to the website’s landing page or home page. One does not overrule the other, nor does one cancel out the other. It is a matter of marketing cooperation. Constant evolution of SEO and changes in the way that companies approach marketing in general may change the landscape of the press release. A way may be found to gel the press release and SEO into a single palatable function. For now, each has their own function in the company, and both functions are important to the overall marketing strategy.

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