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Winning the SEO game: Designing for SEO Traffic

The Internet is a crowded marketplace; literally, millions of websites exist. Not all sites are trying to sell products, but there are plenty of them out there who are, and every advantage you can take boosts your chances of being successful.

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While millions of sites exist, there are also millions of users; these users surf the Web daily, looking for information of one form or another. The primary method for finding information on the Internet is to input a query to the search engine of your choice. Search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to name a few. All search engines use similar algorithms to process a query; Google, by far the largest search engine in the market today, pioneered the algorithms used to query the Internet for answers.

These algorithms find sites matching the input query in the metadata associated with each web page. Once they find a site, it goes into the results set for the originating query. But, since millions of pages may return a hit, how does the engine rank the results for relevance?

In the early days of search engines, the engines used your keywords list to determine a hit. They still do, but the importance of your site is determined by other factors. Search engines have evolved, and they now use link analysis to calculate a site’s relevance in the results set. The algorithm, developed by Google co-founder Larry Page, counts the number of inbound links to your site; the resulting number is a major factor in the search engine’s determination of your site’s importance and relevance.

Other factors involved in determining your site’s importance is how often your site is referenced by social media sites, and how relevant your content is to the topic of the search.

Designing for SEO Traffic

When designing for SEO, you need to develop a primary keywords list, and to build your content utilizing the list However, you also need to design your layouts to get a user’s attention on your landing page, and to keep the user’s attention on your interior pages. Keep your pages simple, but make them elegant. Also keep your content current, and keep it relevant to your business. You were found by a search engine running a query, and you want the user who found you in the results to keep coming back to your site. You also want this user to spread the word about what they’ve found; keeping your content relevant to what you’re selling and keeping it up-to-date keeps you in the forefront of the user’s mind, and will also bring in others from social media, or just from word of mouth.

Find a Website Designer

Unless you have a background in computers, you are probably not conversant with the principles of design, and you are also not likely to understand graphic design either. If you want to be successful in your Internet business, give some thought to hiring a website designer, and factor in the expense in your initial budget.

A good designer will build you a site incorporating SEO concepts, to help you get found in searches and to also rank as high as possible in the results set. The designer will lay out a site you can manage easily; once the site’s designed and developed, the designer is done. You, as the website owner will have to care and love and feed it with current, relevant content on a daily basis. A well-designed site makes the job of maintenance much easier, and keeping maintenance firmly in mind during the design process is a must.



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