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Your Website Can Help You Focus on Customer Retention

Most people view their website in terms of how it can help them attract new business.  It’s true, attracting new business is one of the major functions of your website, but you may not have considered that your website can also be used to help retain your existing customers.  Here are some ways to gear your site for that very purpose and take your veterinary office to the next level.

Your Website Can Help You Focus on Customer Retention

Appointments and Reminders

Simply having the ability for your clients to set their own appointments on your site, rather than having to call in can be a big win in terms of customer retention.  If they’re willing to enter their email address, you can even set up the system so that they’ll get a reminder at some set interval before the appointment.  You could even set a series of timed reminders; so for example, they’d get an email five days before the appointment, and again the day before.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the things that are true of all pet owners is that they’re very interested in the health and well-being of their four legged friends.  Pay close attention to those questions, and collect the best of the bunch for posting on your website.  You can do this in a variety of ways, but the more innovative you are, the better they’ll be received.  Sure, you could just do a plain text FAQ page, but those aren’t all that engaging.

A better approach would be to create some interesting Infographics that ask, and then answer those questions.  The great thing about Infographics is that they’re fun, engaging, consumable, and most importantly, shareable.  An even better approach would be, where applicable, to create videos or video tutorials that answer specific questions.  Again, these are intensely engaging and easily shareable.

Regular Updates          

Your website should never be considered to be “finished.”  It should, from day one, be seen as a work in progress.  Like all works in progress, it should be added to and updated on a very regular basis.  If your readers and customers come to your site and find absolutely nothing different about it, they may come back once or twice more, but by the third visit, if nothing has changed, you’ve lost them.

Don’t let that happen to you.  Keeping your site updated and brimming with good content is just a necessary step, essential for doing business in the digital age.  If you’re not willing to do at least that much, you’re probably better off just trying to get by with no website at all, because when readers see the state of your website, it won’t exactly fill them with confidence.

The bottom line is this:  Your website is much more than a machine for the generation of new business.  When planned correctly, it can also play an important role in improving customer satisfaction and customer retention.  In order to be successful in your veterinary practice (or any business), you don’t just want to sell to each customer one time.  You want to turn them into customers for life, and we can help make that happen.  Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to custom design a strategy for you.

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